Edouard Mendy

When the list of Ballon D’or nominees was released, 5 Chelsea players found their names on the list, but shot-stopper Edouard Mendy was not one of them.

The Senegalese goalkeeper had a stellar campaign last time out, making some crucial saves on the way to Champions League glory, and can feel rightly hard done by not to have made the cut.

His teammates at club and national level felt the same, with Kalidou Koulibaly saying:

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane also chimed in, claiming:

“It’s inadmissible. I don’t understand it. It’s regrettable”.

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Before Antonio Rudiger became the most recent to show his bemusement:

Stat emerges that proves his brilliance
There are multiple stats that show Chelsea’s defensive prowess, of which Mendy is undoubtedly a part.

Of course, clean sheets are not always a fair metric to judge a goalkeeper by, given the importance of the defence in front of them.

However, there is one stat that proves, more than anything else, that Mendy’s name should have been on the nominees list for the Ballon D’or this year, and it comes by virtue of his goals prevented this season.

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Following his heroics against Brentford, it has emerged that Edouard Mendy has prevented 3.1 goals (having conceded 3 from an expected goals of 6.1), which compounds his heroics from last seasons Champions League run.

Even though he was ultimately not nominated, it is clear that as of right now, Edouard Edouard Mendy is one of the best Goalkeepers in the world.

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